Time To Work!

Hello and thank you for learning about my shop. After raising three children to 9, 11, and 13 and being a mom, house wife, and part time cake decorator to help make ends meet, my husband became disabled due to diabetes and suffered an amputation.

I had made my own lazy Susan for cake decorating and had been receiving orders for a few. I knew I had to do something so I opened my Etsy shop to make and sell these cake decorating lazy Susan turntables.

Then by chance, a customer "Lora" asked me if I could make one to match her table, and it all began. I used the same heavy duty style for cake decorating and just made it beautiful to match her table by mailing stain samples for her to choose from. That's when I embarked on this journey to learn how to build a beautiful wood lazy Susan. I am still learning each day and it's been so much fun! I am so grateful for my customers and God for giving me this opportunity to support my family. And my family has supported me during this journey. If I could say one thing to my customers, it would be Thank you, I am very grateful for you business and support. Have a very blessed day.

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